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Rage 2 Welcomes Cannibals in Rise of the Ghosts Expansion



Rage 2

Deranged ghosts were the first faction you encountered in the original Rage, so it was a bit odd that you did not have to deal with them in Rage 2. The Rise of the Ghosts expansion rectifies that.

When Rage first came out, many critics were impressed at the fluid mobility of enemies. First among them was Ghosts, a cannibalistic faction that occupied a large, abandoned hotel.

Employing Bonesticks to eviscerate their victims, you could’ve seen Ghosts jumping over obstacles, hopping off catwalks and walls, and even crawling — anything to prevent you to get a good aim.

In the first of the two major expansions for Rage 2, Ghosts make a comeback in a new and more threatening form.

More dangerous than ever, Ghosts are now infused with Feltrite, following the Authority Wars. Not satisfied to merely wait for fresh meat as they dwell in Overgrown City, they are ready to expand into the wasteland with the help of a new character called Iris.

Rise of the Ghosts is set to be released on September  26, and it will include:

  • Improved Ghosts faction from the original Rage.
  • New territory to explore.
  • Feltrite Laser Launcher.
  • Void ability.
  • Ghost motorcycle as a possible addition to your garage.

If you bought Rage 2 Deluxe Edition, Rise of the Ghosts expansion will cost you nothing. If not, you will have to dish out 1500 Rage 2 coins — which translates to $15.

Rage 2

Image courtesy of IGDB/Rage 2 press kit.

Considering that you can get full-featured games for that kind of money — especially when they are discounted on Steam — Rise of the Ghosts better be worth it. With that said, the level of polish, outstanding gunplay, and ability combo in Rage 2, along with vehicle combat, can hardly be matched by any other game currently on the market.

Sadly, there is still no sign of the original addictive card minigame being added any time soon.

What do you think of Rage 2? Let us know!

Images courtesy of Twitter, IGDB.

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