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Rage 2 Provides Roadmap and Update 2 Details



Rage 2

Some people thought that 2016’s Doom was the pinnacle of FPS combat — but then came Rage 2. 

Although the first Rage had a shooter foundation that was top-notch, the most memorable things about the game were the sound design, atmosphere, and card games. It was undeniably immersive to come back from an intense shootout, drive to your Wellspring home base and relax in a bar with a well-crafted collectible card game.

Alas, Rage 2 dumped the idea of minigames outside of shootout arenas and racing.

Nevertheless, the game improved every other aspect of not only Rage but pretty much all other shooters.

Rage 2

Image courtesy of IGDB/Rage 2 press kit.

Now, the latest major update lets you enjoy the frenzied, ability-laden combat in new ways:

  • New Game +: In the tradition of ARPGs like Diablo III or Grim Dawn, after you finish the main storyline, you will be able to carry over all of your hard-earned progress to a brand new game. This includes weapons, upgrades, abilities, and vehicles. On top of that, you will be able to get new weapon skins exclusive for the New Game +, along with prestige badges.
  • Ironman Mode: Also known as ‘hardcore mode’ in some games, this mode is for supreme tacticians only. Once you die, that’s it! You have to start the game all over again. Fortunately, using the defibrillator doesn’t count as dying.
  • Ultra Nightmare Difficulty: If you recall, the original Rage had this difficulty included with the Scorchers DLC. Needless to say, it would indeed be a nightmare to play it, especially combined with Ironman mode. No doubt, only a few weapon/ability synergies would be able to handle such a nightmarish scenario.
  • Twitch Bounties: What would a modern game be without some way of integrating social media? To entice you to stream Rage 2 on Twitch, the developers made it more interesting by having your viewers be included in the pool of wanted criminals.
  • New Cheats: After you are done with absolutely everything, it might be time to really clown things up!
    • Dash Ragdoll makes you lose control of your limbs when you dash, bouncing away and killing everyone in your path.
    • Super Knockback powers your melee strikes to the point of becoming a Dragon Ball Z character. Watch them fly away beyond the hills and canyons!
  • Wolfenstein Voice Pack
    BJ Blazkowicz makes a return from Wolfenstein with this voice pack.

On top of these new features, Rage 2 Update 2 brings up a host of quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes — which is a continuous process.

Speaking of which, the content roadmap will include the Rise of Ghosts expansion in September and another one in November. Just like with the original, they will have new story missions, factions, weapons, and abilities.

What do you think of Rage 2? Let us know in the comments below! 

Images courtesy of IGDB/Rage 2 press kit, Twitter/@rage.

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