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Rebel Cops Merges Tactical Combat with Police Banditry



Rebel Cops

If you ever wanted to command an “independent” team of cops in Shadowrun style combat, Rebel Cops is your chance.

In the early 2000s, a TV show called The Shield popularized the concept of police officers as anti-heroes. Usually, society views corrupt cops as a huge problem that mars the whole system, but the show effectively and brutally demonstrated what they have to do in order to remain undetected as they deal with criminals in their own unique (and profitable) ways.

Weappy Studio may have had that show in mind when they developed This Is the Police, a sim-strategy about corrupt police in a small town. Now, the studio is adding a critical element to that concept: tactical combat inline with the X-COM and Shadowrun franchises.

The result is Rebel Cops.

You might think that calling corrupt cops “rebels’ is a misnomer, but not in this case. The story of Rebel Cops begins when the police force in a small town is completely subverted by a criminal network. However, there is still resistance. In Rebel Cops, you start as the leader of that resistance.

Through tactical combat and careful management of the “good cops,” your objective will be to remove the crime boss’ yoke from this previously idyllic town.

Just like in the Shadowrun series, the game will be structured as a series of mission β€” with optional sidequests to expand your rewards while also increasing your risks.

Speaking of risks, the combat is more inline with roguelike games β€” with devastating and permanent consequences, similar to Darkest Dungeon.

Instead of having hitpoints, there is a bleeding state mechanic. Each time your cop gets shot, they have to be quickly helped to avoid death. However, if they are shot outright in the head, it’s game over for them.

Rebel Cops

Image courtesy of IGDB.

It is not clear which conditions are needed to get perfect shots β€” but here’s hope that it is an improvement over Shadowrun: Hong Kong.

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Images/videos courtesy of YouTube, IGDB.

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