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Rebel Inc: Escalation Enters Early Access



Rebel Inc: Escalation

It is relatively easy to port a game that relies on text prompts, graphs, and maps — but Rebel Inc: Escalation’s transition from Android/iOS to PC is a more comprehensive affair.

Following the success of Plague Inc — in which you try to save the civilization from the spread of an apocalyptic virus — Rebel Inc: Escalation is a more accurate reflection of reality.

In a world where American hegemony invaded Iraq and still occupies Afghanistan, the game deals with the problem of insurgency in occupied regions.

A thorn in a side of every empire, an insurgency can be dealt with militarily or diplomatically. Each approach offers its upsides and downsides. Do you view diplomacy as a compromise or as an erosion of an empire’s strength? Do you view crushing resistance with brute force as the only solution, no matter how much it exacerbates things down the road and how much resources it consumes? Rebel Inc: Escalation tackles the asymmetric strategery of such issues.

Initially released for Android and iOS smartphones/tablets, Rebel Inc: Escalation enters Steam’s Early Access with the aim of expanding and enhancing all of the features — both in terms of content and visual enhancements.

That means that its Early Access will offer a complete game from the get-go. After it leaves Early Access at some point in 2020, the PC game will be heavily upgraded with:

  • Enhanced 3D graphics.
  • More governers.
  • More insurgency regions.
  • A global campaign mode that combines all the updates.
  • Multiplayer in PvP and co-op forms.
  • Steam Workshop mod support for creating new scenarios.
Rebel Inc: Escalation

Image courtesy of Steam.

Rebel Inc: Escalation’s Early Access release date is not yet specified, except that it will be launched this month. The expected price will be about $15 USD.

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Images/videos courtesy of YouTube, Steam.

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