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Retro Demon-Hunting Platformer Valfaris Launching in October




Inspired by the Warhammer 40k universe, with its demonic abominations and space hulks, Valfaris is a gritty platformer focused on boss fights. 

Although we have grown accustomed to retro games, not many have a grizzly visual style and are accompanied by a heavy metal soundtrack.

Valfaris is a no-nonsense, non-stop action platformer in which your only choice is deciding which weapon best fits the current demonic predicament.

Gritty (yet colorful) is difficult to achieve, but the developers nailed the aesthetic remarkably well. If you were to imagine the correct visual style for this theme, this would be it.

However, there is one issue with Valfaris that is worth mentioning. You may not view it as a big deal, but it would have been appreciated if animations had higher frame counts. Richly detailed animations always make every game more enjoyable to play, especially action-oriented ones. Valfaris settles on offering a basic set of animations that merely seek to inform the player instead of enriching the experience.

For example, compare the range of animations in Valfaris to Fallback.

Rogue-lite Dead Cells would be another good example. The point being, retro doesn’t have to entail low animation frame count.

Otherwise, if you are not bothered by this, Valfaris offers plenty of palm-sweating action.


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You play as Therion, a warrior that is all about brute force and who employs a formidable arsenal of lasers, rocket launchers, shotguns, flamethrowers, energy blades, and a host of unique and demon-mutated weapons. All of them will be needed as you push waves of demonic hordes until you reach the core of the Valfaris space citadel — previously a paradise floating in space until it mysteriously vanished in the hell realm.

The release date is set for October 10 for PC and Switch, November 5 for PlayStation 4, and November 8 for Xbox.

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