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Sega Mega Drive Mini Release Delayed In Europe, Middle East



Monster World IV Sega Mega Drive Mini

Sorry, Sega fans in Europe and the Middle East. The Sega Mega Drive Mini release date has been pushed back. 

Sega Europe’s official Twitter account announced the delay the morning of Monday, July 29.

Now, the console is slated for an Oct. 4, 2019 release.

Sega cited “unavoidable logistical challenges” as the impetus for the delay.

This isn’t the first delay for the console; it was pushed back to 2019 after being announced in April 2018 — when Sega and console manufacturer AtGames parted ways due to quality issues with the Sega Genesis Flashback console.

Strider Sega Mega Drive Mini

Image courtesy of Koch Media.

The tiny console will surely be a hit for classic Sega fans, as it’s packed with old-school titles that many gamers grew up playing.

Fans of Sonic, Altered Beast, Echo the Dolphin, Earthworm Jim, Castlevania The New Generation, and about 35 other classic Mega Drive games will be able to enjoy them all in their 16-bit glory — but with an HD boost. In total, the console features 40 games and two ‘bonus’ games: Tetris and Darius.

Packaged with the console are two wired three-button control pads that connect via USB; an HDMI cable for higher-def gaming; and, of course, a power cord.

Street Fighter II Sega Mega Drive Mini

Image courtesy of Koch Media.

It’s no surprise Sega wants to tap into the nostalgia market. Nintendo released the NES Classic Edition in November 2016 and moved millions of units. As of June 2018, about 3.6 million units were sold before Nintendo ceased production of the classic console.

What Sega has over Nintendo on this front is a dozen more games packaged with the console, which is about half the size of the original console, which was released the late ’80s and early ’90s across international markets.

The Mega Drive Mini is still slated for a Sept. 19 release date in markets outside Europe and the Middle East. It will cost gamers in the EU €79.99 to get their hands on the system. As for the rest of the world, prices will be $79.99 USD; £69.99; $139.95 AUD.

What do you think about the delay of the Sega Mega Drive Mini in Europe and the Middle East? Let us know in the comments below! 

Images courtesy of Koch Media, Twitter/@SEGA_Europe.

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