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The Sims 4: Realm of Magic Released on EA Origin



The Sims 4

In one of the more transformative DLCs for The Sims 4, Realm of Magic brings spellcasting and sorcerous transformations to the typically-mundane world of Sims.

Fantasy is a serious business. However, if you want to take a whimsical and lighthearted approach to spellcraft and sorcery, The Sims 4: Realm of Magic is here to oblige.

Released yesterday on EA’s Origin platform, Realm Of Magic integrates all the hallmarks of magic as we know it:

  • Schools of magic, from transformation into objects to curses.
  • Magical items, from wands to potions and crystals.
  • Magical creatures, from familiars to dragons.

To get started, all you have to do is create a new Sim and interact with one of the three Sages in the Magic Realm. Then, the Sage will task you with the Right of Ascension β€” meaning that your Sim will be imbued with a temporary Mote Sight that will make it possible to collect Motes, i.e. Floating Purple Orbs. Once you collect them all and return to the Sage, your Sim officially becomes a Spellcaster!

From then on, it’s all about expanding and upgrading your sorcerous powers β€” which you do by buying all kinds of items found in the three shops in the Casters Ally.

Remember the Elder Scrolls’ system of learning skills? The more you practice them, the more you level them up. In The Sims 4: Realms of Magic, the mechanic is the same, except that, by practicing magic, you learn perks.

To launch your sorcery career quickly, the best perks to first level up are:

  1. Experimenter: your Sim accumulates Spellcaster XP significantly faster
  2. Spellcaster Socialite: your Sim can interact with other Spellcasters about the topic of magic β€” which also speeds up your Spellcaster XP
The Sims 4

Image courtesy of IGDB.

Magic, above all else, is a force of shortcuts. In the Realm of Magic, this means that you can create potions that instantly max out Friendly Relationship, grant you immortality, or max out all the Sim needs. In the spells department, you can create a duplicate of yourself β€” which then takes care of all the cooking and cleaning.

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Images/videos courtesy of YouTube, IGDB.

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