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Sniper Elite and Divinity: Original Sin Get Board Game Versions



Sniper Elite 4

In an impressive Kickstarter funding that completed in four hours, Divinity: Original Sin got physical. Meanwhile, Sniper Elite devs launched Rebellion Unplugged, dedicated to board gaming.

Board games have been a part of the human entertainment system for longer than all major religions have been around. The first board game, Senet, can be traced to the first Egyptian dynasty in 3500 BCE. This tells us that there is something intrinsically enticing about crafting strategy, imbuing symbols with meaning, and manipulating them on the path to victory.

The Kickstarter pitch for Divinity: Original Sin sums it up nicely.

Divinity: Original Sin

Within a single day, it received double the funding needed.

This is not surprising, given that Divinity: Original Sin and its sequel are both top-notch turn-based RPGs β€” successfully modernizing Dungeons & Dragons mechanics into modern computer games. The excess Kickstarter money will now go into fulfilling stretch goals in the form of miniatures, new characters, cards, and other extra cherries on the board cake.

Here is how the Divinity: Original Sin board game actually plays out.

Sniper Elite

In the meantime, Sniper Elite is also going to the tabletop.

Rebellion Developments is quite serious about getting a piece of the rising board gaming popularity. It is opening a new subdivision within the studio called Rebellion Unplugged.

It will focus on developing collectibles and card games β€” the first of which will be Sniper Elite, their main franchise.

The official website describes it as a “competitive stealth action game for two to four players.” In charge of Rebellion Unplugged is Duncan Molloy, known for Undaunted: Normandy and his work in Osprey Games.

No doubt, creating physical versions of computer games makes sense on several levels:

  • Physical items increase brand awareness and offer greater staying power.
  • Once you go through the hardship of developing all the rules, visuals, and mechanics, it is exceedingly cheap to produce a board game.
  • It is an assured income when you have already created very popular foundations.

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