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Spintires Chernobyl DLC Coming in December




If you have an affinity for traveling and traversing difficult terrain, Death Stranding and Euro Truck Simulator 2 have nothing on Spintires.

Across all the genres of games you can think of, Spintires is unique. It is based on a simple premise — go from point A to point B to deliver cargo or do some other mundane thing. The compelling beauty of Spintires is that it elevates this simple premise through a number of outstanding executions:

  • Mud and water physics.
  • Acceleration, torque, resistance, tire simulation
  • Near-photorealistic graphics.
  • Physically-based animations.

The sound, the feeling of force with everything you do is something no other game does as well as Spintires. It’s like a game that was conceived in a physics lab and accidentally became a game.


Not only has it become hugely popular since its initial release in 2014 but it has also undergone several updates and overhauls. The latest expansion will let you explore the radioactive lands of Chernobyl by the end of this year.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Call of Duty aficionados are quite familiar with the Chernobyl environment and the bleak tone it delivers — not to mention HBO’s surprisingly-popular Chernobyl dramatic mini-series.

This time, Spintires will not only pose the challenge of traversing its harsh terrain but also avoiding radiation zones. For that purpose, the DLC will include a Geiger counter and two new vehicles — B-157 and B-505.

The locations included in the Chernobyl DLC are iconic:

  • Pripyat
  • Red Forest
  • Duga Radar
  • Kupsta Lake

Overgrown logging sites will be your prize as you try to evade the exclusion zone.

Ever since its initial launch in 2014, Spintires still holds very positive ratings across all the reviews. The upcoming Christmas season will likely deliver hefty discounts just around the time the new Chernobyl DLC arrives.

Images/videos courtesy of YouTube, Steam.

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