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Teamfight Tactics Now Permanent, Adding 4 New Champions



Teamfight Tactics

Not to be left behind by Dota Underlords, League of Legends is building and expanding its own auto-chess game in the form of Teamfight Tactics.

It seems that people just love super-casual games that you can play alongside other activities.

After Dota Underlords gained prominence via various YouTube and Twitch streams, League of Legends integrated Teamfight Tactics as a permanent game mode β€” instead of a standalone game.

Now, Teamfight Tactics is gaining ground in the number of supported champions and new mechanics.

To be clear, your gameplay in this emerging auto-battle genre is severely limited β€” which is appealing to many people. In Teamfight Tactics, you are limited to:

  • Picking heroes
  • Upgrading heroes by buying identical copies or equipping them with items
  • Choosing which heroes work best with each other β€” synergies

The actual battles play themselves out on a chess-type grid. All you have to do is watch them. If you manage to correctly spend your gold and pick the appropriate heroes with best synergies, you will end up as the winner after a certain number of rounds.

Teamfight Tactics

Image courtesy of League of Legends official website.

Just like in Dota Underlords, each champion in Teamfight Tactics will have an icon denoting which synergy it can be used for.

The latest update will include the Hextech synergy, which allows you to randomly disable enemy items. Depending on how many Hextech champions you have, you will be able to disable that number of enemy items. So, if you happen to deploy four Hextech champions, you will disable four enemy items.

The new Teamfight Tactics update will also include four new champions from the existing stock of League of Legends characters:

  1. Jinx (Gunslinger)
  2. Jayce (Shapeshifter)
  3. Camille (Blademaster)
  4. Vi (Brawler)

The new champions, along with their Hextech origin/synergy, will go live on August 14.

What do you think of Teamfight Tactics? Let us know in the comments below!Β 

Images courtesy of League of Legends official website, Twitter/@LeagueOfLegends.

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