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Terminator: Resistance Gameplay Emerges in New Trailer



Terminator: Resistance

One would think that the iconic Terminator franchise would birth successful games. So far, that has not been the case β€” but Terminator: Resistance just might be the breakthrough game we always wanted.

Earlier this month, Terminator: Resistance made its debut with its announcement trailer β€” which merged a few glimpses of gameplay with cinematic sequences.

Usually, it is not a good sign when a first-person shooter game is announced for a console instead of the PC.

However, some PlayStation 4 exclusives, like Killzone, are enough of a reason to give Terminator: Resistance the benefit of the doubt. (Don’t worry β€” it is coming to PC as well.)

Judging by Reef Entertainment’s portfolio of games, we cannot expect something as polished and expansive as Crysis or Call of Duty, but Teyon does have the necessary experience when it comes to shooters β€” namely, its work on Sniper Elite and Rogue Trooper. Speaking of first-person shooting mechanics, based on their most recent tweet, the studio seems to have nailed it.

Set 30 years after the nuclear annihilation of Judgement Day, you take the role of a resistance operative. In the first two Terminator movies, we only saw glimpses of this desperate war for survival against the machines. (It might be best if we don’t remind ourselves that other Terminator movies, after the second one, were made.)

Moreover, Terminator: Resistance will not be a simple gun-and-run game with a Terminator backdrop. There will be upgradable skills and different ways of accomplishing missions β€” either through hacking and stealthy evasion or through brute force of weaponry. The survivalist aspect of the post-apocalyptic setting will also be utilized while having you engage in trading, collecting scrap, and crafting.

Terminator: Resistance

Image courtesy of Steam.

We will not wait long to see if these promising features will be well-executed. Terminator: Resistance is already listed on Steam with the planned release date for November 15.

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Images/videos courtesy of Steam, YouTube, Twitter.

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