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The Elder Scrolls: Legends Ceases All Development



Elder Scrolls: Legends

As it turns out, even powerful branding isn’t enough to jumpstart your collectible card game, especially when other CCGs are already dominating the arena. Bethesda has announced that all future development for The Elder Scrolls: Legends card game is on hold.

For a while, computer collectible card games (CCGs) were the domain of direct transfer from physical paper to digital, effectively taking the lead from Magic: The Gathering.

The first online CCGs were Chron X and Sanctum — released in the same year, 1997. Since then, CCGs served the function of enhancing an already existing franchise at very little development cost. No paper distribution cost, and already inherently suitable for mobile gaming. Hearthstone was the first to achieve mega-popularity as it extracted all the themes from the rich Warcraft universe.

Other major franchises jumped on the CCG bandwagon — including The Witcher with its Gwent card game.

Unfortunately, The Elder Scrolls: Legends, released just over two years ago, seems to be ending its run prematurely — as Bethesda explained in a Reddit post.

An Update on The Elder Scrolls: Legends from elderscrollslegends

In short:

  • The planned winter expansion is canceled.
  • The Asiatic version run by Gaea Mobile will not be affected.
  • Both single-player and online modes will still be available.
  • Basic support of the game will continue in the form of monthly events and reward cards.

Therefore, it looks like Bethesda is comfortable supporting an unprofitable product for the time being, on the basic maintenance level — but all future content expansions and updates to the game are canceled.

Elder Scrolls: Legends

Image courtesy of IGDB.

This is a predictable turn of events. Consider the nature of the CCG genre. It is an RNG-based gameplay that requires a hefty time investment to understand the mechanics and build up the card decks. Hearthstone already staked its hold on sleek visuals, animations, and exceedingly-rich fantasy universe, with all the archetype creatures and heroes you can think of.

As a parting gift to The Elder Scrolls: Legends community, players will receive The Tamriel Collection upon the next login.

Images courtesy of IGDB.

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