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The Outer Worlds Gameplay Revealed at TGS 2019



The Outer Worlds

Thanks to Tokyo Game Show 2019, we have close to 20 minutes of early The Outer Worlds gameplay. The video is rather underwhelming, but there is a good reason for it.

Can you think of two factors that would make gameplay seem dull? How about having everything be in a foreign language and choosing to play in the most sluggish manner possible by flailing around with a sword and skipping all RPG mechanics? This is exactly what happened with The Outer Worlds gameplay footage at TGS 2019.

Unfortunately, all the in-game text is in Japanese — but the characters still speak English.

Whoever played the game didn’t like to go through dialogue trees, but the first setup is still clear. You are to take over a defunct spaceship by interacting with its AI. Then, you need to find the proper equipment to repair it in the nearby settlement.

Most likely, you could approach it from an entirely different angle — but, in this case, the player chose to constantly flail around with his/her space machete.

Take heed, it is very likely you will be annoyed while watching this video. There is a reason why a “vertical slice” is a thing.

With that being said, when you remove the element of watching someone play an RPG in an irritating manner, you are left with:

  • A coherent space-Americana visual style
  • Solid facial animations and more expansive dialogue options than in Fallout 4
  • Combat animations that are not as fluid as in Rage 2
  • Combat that is not as satisfying and intense as in Rage 2
  • An intuitive inventory/skills/quest/map interface
The Outer Worlds

Image courtesy of IGDB.

Given its stiff competition in the form of Rage 2 and Borderlands 3, all the possible flaws can be neutralized if The Outer Worlds offers a superior RPG experience — one that has an emotional investment and real consequences for your choices. Obsidian Entertainment made that happen with Fallout New Vegas and Alpha Protocol, so there is no reason to think that The Outer Worlds will be any different.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

Images/videos courtesy of YouTube, IGDB.

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