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Watchers Finds a Remedy to Dying Frustration in Battle Royale Games




Battle royale games are known to be extremely frustrating. You can catch a bullet from any corner, preventing you from playing further. In Watchers, however, you can take revenge beyond the grave.

Watchers is a little-known, soon-to-be-released battle royale game played from a bird’s eye perspective published by Alawar Premium — which specializes in colorful, quirky little games.

Top-down shooters have entered a resurgence after the success of Hotline Miami and Helldivers, but Watchers takes that concept and makes it exclusively PvP — with a few interesting twists.

As the name suggests, after you are downed, you become the Watcher — able to rain vengeance on the opposing players with a host of tactics and weapons.

Orbital lasers, traps, gas canisters, time dilations, bullet-stopping traps — there are hardly any limites to what kind of revenge you can deploy.

Revenge isn’t all there is, though. If your killer is downed by someone else, your role of a Watcher still remains. Select a favorite player you want to win the match and help them out.

A match can have up to 24 players battling it out. To make this a smoother experience, Watchers introduces a betting mechanic to provide an incentive for players to offer a helping hand. All of this is played out in retro-Americana suburbs — so, storywise, there is not much coherency, except to provide a zany contrast.


Image courtesy of Watchers press kit.

Only time will tell if this original concept bears fruit and launches the game into popularity. Thankfully, it will cost you nothing to try it out, as it will be free-to-play.

The exact release date has not yet been determined, but it should be out by the end of the year.

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Images/videos courtesy of YouTube.

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