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World of Tanks Update 1.6 Removes Damage to Allies



World of Tanks

It is difficult to imagine a worse situation in a video game than when a shell from an ally hits your tank in WoT. Thanks to World of Tanks Update 1.6, this will be a thing of the past.

Outdated Mechanics

Teamkilling is a game mechanic that has existed in World of Tanks for a long time. Its main effect was to immerse the players in the atmosphere of the game. Over time, however, the negative aspects of this mechanics have become more apparent.

To make the gameplay more comfortable, the developers at World of Tanks decided to rework the damage system and eliminate the friendly fire.

Friendly Fire in World of Tanks Update 1.6

Friendly damage is excluded, even if an ally decides to ram you intentionally during battle or hits you by mistake while zooming. When you hit an ally, only a trace of non-penetration or rebound will remain.

It will be possible to recognize friendly fire by alternative sounds and visualizations that are different from the effects of when you get hit by enemy projectiles.

With the new mechanics, artillery will not be able to cause damage to the allies. However, the probability of stunning teammates will remain. After all, if you completely remove any impact from the artillery, one would be able to send a projectile with impunity into a cluster of allies and opponents, thereby greatly influencing the outcome of the battle.

World of Tanks

Image courtesy of IGDB/World of Tanks press kit.

Will it be impossible to kill an ally?

You can still get the blue nickname in the game, but this is an extreme case.

For example, an intentional or occasional push of an ally off of higher ground may cause him to take damage, drown, or be destroyed. The same goes for an allied machine turning upside down.

Artillery will also be able to receive the status of a “Teamkiller” if it constantly stuns the allies. A player who has received the status of a “Teamkiller” loses protection from allied damage.

What do you think about World of Tanks Update 1.6? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! While you’re at it, check out the latest Halo: Combat Evolved mod for PC!

Image courtesy of IGDB/World of Tanks press kit. Video courtesy of YouTube/World of Tanks Официальный видеоканал.

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